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United Outreach Program

Our United Outreach Program allows for patients and families not quite ready for hospice to continue to pursue aggressive care and therapy. Patients that graduate from hospice also have continued support and coordination of care with the assistance of a social worker.


The United Outreach Program is provided at no cost to the patient or family. Social Workers will work closely with primary care physicians. Access to mobile physicians, durable medical equipment, private caregiver options and much more.

Holding Hands

Bereavement Services

Our support group strives to provide support and education by helping loved ones build strength, resilience and support for the future.

  • Calls and visits

  • Grief literature

  • Annual memorial services

  • Bereavement mailings

  • Additional resources


Volunteer Program

Companion Volunteer: These volunteers work primarily in homes and facilities, interacting directly with patients and their loved ones.


Our volunteer programs are as varied as the needs of the patients and families. As a friend who pledges to be with them through the uncertainties of the weeks ahead, hospice volunteers offer patients and families a listening ear, a hand to hold, and the presence of a caring heart. Additionally, our veteran hospice volunteers offer specific veteran-to-veteran support.

Helping Hands

Rapid Response Program

United Hospice is aimed at preventing hospital readmissions and improving patient outcomes by providing education, comfort and support to the patient and family. Services can include the following items below, and/or these are tailored to each patient's individualized care needs to support stabilization in their home setting, followed by regular hospice care.