Hospice Care in Phoenix Arizona


United Hospice & Palliative Care of Arizona provides integrated and specialized services to meet the needs of each unique individual.  Highly experienced and trained Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Medical Doctors, Chaplains, Social Workers, Volunteers, and Certified Nursing Assistants comprise our Interdisciplinary Team that are dedicated to the care of each and every individual we serve.

Palliative Care in Phoenix Arizona


Palliative care, or pain and symptom management and relief, can be administered in conjunction with curative treatment if palliative care expertise is available in your area. This may be a good option for individuals uncertain of prognosis or not ready or willing to stop curative efforts. Some people may need or opt for palliative care early in their illness while they are receiving curative treatment and move later into hospice care. Palliative care may also be provided if curative efforts stop, and it may be administered in an outpatient or inpatient basis, including at a patient’s residence.  Our United Outreach Program is an additional service all Palliative individuals receive at no additional cost.

Hospice Outreach Programs in Arizona

Outreach Program

The United Outreach Team is committed to providing support, education, and advocacy to ensure the highest quality of life for our senior population. This free program is designed to emphasize the importance of advocating for the needs of seniors. Specifically, this program benefits those individuals who do not currently qualify for hospice services: individuals who do not have close family members to advocate for them as well as individuals/families who would like additional assistance in navigating the medical field. This program offers free Social Worker and Chaplain support, along with referrals to vetted community partners for additional assistance and resources.

Compassionate Caring Hospice Nurses in Arizona

Volunteer Program

Our robust volunteer program is an integral part of the care we offer, adding a layer of support and companionship that enriches the lives of patients and families alike. Comprised of compassionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, our volunteers serve in various capacities, from administrative help to direct patient engagement. Included in our volunteer program is the specialized “Compassionate Connections Program,” which focuses on providing empathetic presence to patients during their last days. In this program, volunteers are trained in anticipatory grief and end-of-life concerns, offering vital emotional support. Whether it’s through conversation, music, reading, or simply a hand to hold, our volunteers embody our commitment to holistic, individualized care.

Bereavement Programs in Arizona

Bereavement Program

Our Bereavement Program strives to provide support and education by helping loved ones build strength, resilience, and support for the future. We offer Grief Support Groups, Calls and Visits, Annual Memorial Services, Bereavement Mailings and aditional resources.